Craftsmanship | About Our Handcrafted Furniture | Coco Wolf


Hand crafted in London, our pieces are put together using the very best of modern materials to ensure they achieve maximum durability whatever the British weather throws at them. Our manufacturer has been in the business for 40 years, so they definitely have the know-how when it comes to crafting furniture!

We proudly hunt out the finest materials, many of which have been sourced via the marine industry to ensure they withstand the test of time. Our advanced technology enables us to cut our fabrics to the most meticulous detail, our interlocking frames boast a gladiatorial strength, and our galvanised steel springs are rust proof.

Our exposed wooden frames are made with stained, solid, kiln-dried Iroko wood, which wears a coat of the finest UV protective and water resistant varnish. Every interior frame is made of water and boil proof wood treated to a layer of Omnia preservative to last the test of time.

From the zips to the thread stitches, all our components are water resistant and we use reticulated quick dry foam for our cushions and padding. To ensure a cosy seat whatever the weather, each cushion is encased in waterproof polyester lining with traditional stitching and all fabrics are sprayed with textile sealant to help battle any stains or soaking. Each piece of Coco Wolf sits proudly on the ground on stainless steel tips, which are slotted into rubber glides on the underside of the wood.

Using our refined process we can now take almost any piece of indoor furniture and recreate it for a life amidst the great outdoors.

We believe we can recreate any indoor piece for a life outdoors. Give us a call and we'll show you how we can.