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Coco Wolf History

Coco Wolf began with a simple question, a question that beguiles the significance of its answer: Why should the style and quality of indoor furniture be absent from outdoor furniture?
James and Rebecca had noticed that many people were using indoor furniture to decorate their gardens and patios. After asking why, the couple was told that this was due to the majority of furniture designed for outdoor use lacking the aesthetic sensibility and style of indoor furniture.

While most indoor furniture is impractical for a patio, the lack of refined outdoor pieces made many concede on their furniture’s durability and craftsmanship. Even so, people were still displeased with settling, unhappy with the compromise. Because of this, their outdoor spaces could not reach their fullest potential due to this shortage of stylish furniture options.

James and Rebecca wondered whether comfort or elegance had to be compromised. Form and function coexist in the spheres of other products, so why was this not applicable to outdoor furniture? It was this question that sparked a new idea to life. Within this initial spark, James and Rebecca saw an opportunity to offer a solution, one that has now revolutionised outdoor living.

The couple imagined a range of furniture that reflected their aspirations for both fashionable flair and cosy comfort in the garden, wrapped up in a design competitive to anything available indoors. The furniture designs would draw inspiration from contemporary and period influences alike, specifying materials, finishes, and other elements down to the finest detail. Envisioning a sizable catalogue, they would guarantee a perfect match to a customer’s outdoor aesthetic.

Combining James’ background in business and finance and Rebecca’s history of working with renowned UK interior designers, they laid down the groundwork for a passion project dedicated to elevating design and outdoor living. It is this passion project that has grown into the Coco Wolf so beloved today.

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Coco Wolf History
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