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If you wish to see your furniture daydreams brought to life, we are happy to invest the time in your project. Whether you bring us a sketch or a photo, we can create something custom made for your space, within your size restrictions and in keeping with the lifestyle you will live around it.

Using innovative software we will produce a 3D computer generated image that will help you envisage the real piece.

We love creating Bespoke pieces that cater to the most meticulous detail, offering you a choice of fine fabrics, buttons, wood and even nail heads, to ensure we produce your perfect piece of furniture. We can add each detail to your CGI image to ensure you’re happy with the design before it goes into production.

With our modern technology at the helm, we will precisely cut your long lasting interlocking frame and chosen fabric. Each piece is then lovingly put together by hand, to achieve the kind of quality only a human touch can give.

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We believe we can recreate any indoor piece for a life outdoors, contact us and we’ll show you how we can.

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