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James and Rebecca Lorimer founded
Coco Wolf in 2013 with a vision to fill the void in the outdoor furniture market – create an inspiring collection of upholstered outdoor furniture that rivals any indoor counterparts.

At Coco Wolf we consistently seek the perfect balance between inspiration and innovation.
Our collections are a result of dedicated craftsmanship,
our commitment to timeless design, and a true passion for the outdoors.

At the core of the founding vision, was the aim to create timeless, distinctive designs combined with only the most optimum of materials, to ensure Coco Wolf creations withstand the test of both time and the elements. We have put a lot of thought and innovation into how we can reduce drying time and let the furniture sit outside all year.

Exceptional craftsmanship is at the heart of the Coco Wolf ethos. All our pieces are made to order in England, helping to ensure a commitment to uncompromising quality and fine detail, while allowing ready access to the finest in modern manufacturing practices.
Every piece is made to order and lovingly hand finished by skilled craftsmen. Coco Wolf furniture is also proud to meet the UK’s stringent fire regulations

Carefully chosen materials, many of which are sourced via the marine industry, ensure our furniture withstands the test of time, weather, and high-use. Made to live outdoor all year around.
No fade. No mould. No rust. No rot. No wood cracking. No need to cover.

We want you to enjoy outdoor living without compromises and creating products that are maintenance-free and easy to clean is part of that promise.
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We’re a tightly-knit team of 60 professionals including product designers and engineers, creatives and craftspeople, sales agents and distributors, all combining to deliver you outstanding furniture that helps make your outdoor spaces exceptional.
We are proud to have experience working alongside the world’s leading designers and architects on stunning residential and hospitality venues worldwide.
Get in touch and we’ll show you what we can do.

We know that honest materials combined with good craftsmanship result in quality and durability. 
We do not manufacture short-lived, fashion-inspired products with a transient value, a Coco Wolf design has inherent longevity in terms of both aesthetics and function.
We want to create luxury furniture without jeopardising the wellbeing of future generations.

Get in touch with us about your outdoor project, we are excited to help you

With headquarters in London and agent representatives across the globe we can help you find the right outdoor designs for your projects

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