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About Us

It’s amazing what can happen when you’re having a few wines in the garden. A series of napkin sketches later, and Coco Wolf was born…

Coco Wolf originated one summer’s evening in 2013, when sisters Claudine and Rebecca were sitting in their garden, feeling that their outdoor setting was missing something. The outdoor furniture didn’t reflect the aesthetic and style of their indoor living. As they questioned the need to compromise on comfort and style outdoors an idea was born, ‘Why should outdoor furniture lack the sophistication and quality they enjoyed indoors?’

Claudine and Rebecca imagined a range of furniture that reflected their aspirations, their desire for style and comfort in the garden, all wrapped up in a design that’s equal to anything available indoors.

Rebecca’s background working for renowned UK interior designers was the perfect platform for her sister and their partners to create a unique concept, combining a passion for design and outdoor living, which became Coco Wolf.

Now the leading outdoor upholstered furniture brand, it took this family business more than two years to get there. A dedicated research and development programme, sourcing the finest materials around the world, whilst utilising the latest technological innovations, allowed Coco Wolf to reimagine every component of traditional outdoor manufacturing and take it into the 21st century.

The entire Coco Wolf team are proud to create statement pieces that bring indoor living outdoors, irrespective of the season and climate, making any outdoor setting exceptional. It really is amazing what a glass of wine or two can help create, as Coco Wolf furniture is now specified by the world’s leading designers & architects, and adorns stunning residential and hospitality venues worldwide.

We invite you to join our journey to create a world of luxurious living outside.

Coco Wolf. Made for life, outdoors.