About us

As a bespoke luxury outdoor furniture company, quality of craftsmanship and design runs deep within Coco Wolf’s ethos. These influences can be traced in every curve, angle, line, and stitch of our furniture line.

Coco Wolf’s reputation for quality is built into every fibre of its foundation as a brand. Launched in 2014, Coco Wolf is an inspired creative collaboration between talented husband-and-wife team James and Rebecca Lorimer. The native New Zealanders brought their passion for innovation as well as Rebecca’s 15 years of interiors and furniture design experience) to London.

A Story Of British Excellence

In London, James and Rebecca established a boutique outdoor furniture business that evolved into a sought-after, design-led, and ethical brand. Today, Coco Wolf owns a manufacturing facility dedicated to its furniture production, employing a gifted team of over 60 experienced furniture makers utilising age-old artisanal skills to craft furniture to the highest standards.

All our furniture pieces are custom-made in our workshop located in Long Eaton, Derbyshire. Keeping production local helps to ensure a commitment to uncompromising quality and detail. By employing modern and traditional manufacturing practices performed on our detail-oriented scale, Coco Wolf’s furniture is of a calibre unavailable in mass production. This principle is ingrained in our company’s core, one that has defined Coco Wolf since its birth.

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History of Coco Wolf

Coco Wolf began with a simple question, a question that beguiles the significance of its answer: Why should the style and quality of indoor furniture be absent from outdoor furniture?

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Environmental Stewardship

Our furniture makes a big statement in any outdoor setting––which contrasts perfectly with our commitment to minimal environmental impact during production. For Coco Wolf, sustainability is more than a trendy corporate philosophy to bandwagon: it is a long-term commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

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We are a tightly-knit team of over 60 professionals, including product designers and engineers, creatives and craftspeople, sales agents and distributors. Our dedicated artisans take pride in creating the highest quality furniture pieces possible. Devoted to their work, they use traditional furniture-making techniques; this level of care present in their craftsmanship often gets lost in large-scale manufacturing productions. The degree of effort our team pours into each stage of the design and creation process will transform your terrace, lawn, or poolside into an elegant and luxurious living area.

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