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Sustainability for Coco Wolf is a long-term commitment, not a passing fad, and we are determined to make the difference.
The essential purpose of integrating sustainable furniture is to benefit the environment and overall human well-being. Our furniture makes a big statement in any outdoor setting – which contrasts perfectly with our commitment to minimal environmental impact during production.
Minimal Environmental Impact

Exquisite furniture does not have to come at the cost of sacrificing our beautiful planet’s environmental health.

To keep our CO2 emissions as low as possible, our products are manufactured using electricity from 100% renewable sources combined with integrated intelligent software monitoring energy consumption to increase overall energy efficiency while reducing waste and expense.

Circular Mindset

Minimal waste is a priority in all parts of our production process, including when we ship your new patio furniture to your doorstep.

By utilising optimised paper-based packaging solutions, we help our entire value chain and beyond to cut carbon emissions and avoid waste packaging. We only choose sustainable packaging solutions that are renewable, are designed to be recyclable and are actually recycled, and if littered, biodegrade naturally without leaving a trace.

Responsibly Sourced

We prioritise sustainable strategies at every stage of engineering, carefully selecting only responsibly sourced timber from managed forests, as well as reusing and recycling raw materials where possible.

The timber used for our patio furniture is carefully sourced from well-managed forests that aim to be as eco-friendly as ourselves.

Fabric, foam, leather, paper, plastic and steel waste from production and administration is collected for reuse, reprocessing or recycling. None of our waste goes to landfill.

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