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Coco Wolf Lands in Belgium for The Ultimate Outdoor Experience

Coco Wolf Lands in Belgium for The Ultimate Outdoor Experience

Coco Wolf, the luxury outdoor furniture brand, is proud to announce its collaboration as an official partner with NOA outdoor living, for the ultimate outdoor living experience.

NOA outdoor living combines over 30 high-end brands in 12 gardens on over 30,000 m², showcasing outdoor living as a complete experience, as one of the high-end outdoor brands partnering with NOA Coco Wolf’s products are prominently displayed across the different gardens and the indoor showroom at the NOA outdoor experience centre in Kruisem, Belgium.

Visitors to the experience centre will be able to marvel at a range of Coco Wolf’s luxury outdoor furniture, including the Aquila Nest of Tables, Azur Modular Sofa, Azur Ottoman Duo, Atlas Armchair, Tamarindo 2 Seater Sofa, Tamarindo 3 Seater Sofa, Tamarindo Armchair, Tamarindo Rectangular Coffee Table, Tamarindo Oval Dining Table, Tamarindo Dining Chair, Coronet Modular Sofa, Perseus Porcelain Dining Table, Largo Dining Chair, Porto Lounger, Largo Lounger, Largo Day Bed, Porto Modular Sofa, Duoro Side Table, Tavira Coffee Table, Coronet Armchair, Porto Armchair, and Largo Sofa, among other stylish and comfortable outdoor furniture pieces.

NOA outdoor living‘s initiative aims to put comfortable, high-end outdoor living on the map prominently and internationally as part of a unique total outdoor experience. The various gardens are fully decorated with patio covers, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, wellness facilities, lighting, furniture, and accessories, complementing each other to create a complete outdoor living space. The focus is on the total outdoor living experience rather than individual products. The unique collaboration between all these high-end brands creates an ecosystem where partners help each other to develop and ultimately strengthen each other through cross-fertilization.

Outdoor living has become increasingly important in recent years, with people looking for a completely relaxing experience. NOA outdoor living is making the most of this trend by taking professional and individual customers on a journey through refined and carefully styled total impressions of the broadest range of gardens. The large outdoor park contains twelve fully decorated, realistic gardens, each inspiring different outdoor living spaces, from small city gardens to luxurious villa gardens, from a private oasis of calm to stimulating outdoor offices or attractive catering concepts.

The collaboration between Coco Wolf and NOA outdoor living is a perfect match, as both share a passion for creating stylish and comfortable outdoor living spaces. The range of Coco Wolf products displayed at NOA outdoor living provides a comprehensive glimpse of the brand’s diverse collection of luxury outdoor furniture, lighting and more. Visitors will experience outdoor living like nowhere else, with atmospheric gardens designed according to the latest innovations and trends, providing a total experience of the outdoors.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your garden or outdoor space, NOA outdoor living is the place to be. It’s an experience park where you do not visit a point of sale or a classic showroom but broaden your view and get ideas. And with Coco Wolf’s luxury outdoor furniture on display, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore the brand’s extensive range of stylish and comfortable outdoor furniture pieces.

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Coco Wolf Lands in Belgium for The Ultimate Outdoor Experience
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