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Environmental Regeneration: Planting Iroko Trees in Uganda

Environmental Regeneration: Planting Iroko Trees in Uganda

At Coco Wolf, we believe in making choices that not only enhance our lives but also contribute to a better world. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond creating exquisite outdoor furniture; it extends to being part of a vital regeneration project. We are proud to announce our partnership with the United Nations Eastbourne (UNE) on a crucial tree planting initiative in Uganda, focusing on the exceptional Mvule tree, known locally in Swahili as Iroko. In this blog post, we’ll delve into why Mvule trees are so significant and how our efforts are making a difference.


The Remarkable Mvule (Iroko) Tree

The Mvule tree, scientifically known as Chlorophora Excelsa or Iroko, is a remarkable species native to West and East Africa. What sets it apart from other trees is its extraordinary capacity for carbon capture and carbon sequestration. Carbon capture refers to the tree’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, while carbon sequestration is the process of storing that carbon for an extended period.

Scientists have long considered the Mvule tree’s carbon-capturing abilities to be exceptional, possibly even unique in the world of forestry. This makes it a crucial asset in the fight against climate change, as elevated levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are one of the leading causes of global warming. By planting and nurturing Mvule trees, we are directly addressing this issue and contributing to a healthier planet.


Coco Wolf’s Commitment to Mvule Tree Planting

At Coco Wolf, we are dedicated to making a tangible impact on the environment. As part of our partnership with UNE, we have committed to planting over 14,000 new Mvule (Iroko) trees every year. This is a substantial undertaking that requires careful planning, dedication, and resources, but we believe it’s a necessary step in the right direction.

Our commitment doesn’t stop at tree planting. We are continually monitoring both our usage and supply chain to ensure that our practices remain sustainable and environmentally responsible. By doing so, we aim to minimize our ecological footprint and reduce the impact of our operations on the environment.


Looking Ahead

While we’re proud of our current efforts, we are not resting on our laurels. We have ambitious plans to expand our tree-planting initiatives and contribute even more to the regeneration of our planet. The importance of preserving and nurturing our natural resources cannot be overstated, and Coco Wolf is determined to play a significant role in this endeavour.

We invite you to learn more about the United Nations Eastbourne and their various projects, including our Mvule tree planting initiative, by visiting their website at By choosing Coco Wolf for your outdoor furniture needs, you are not only investing in luxury and style but also actively participating in a crucial environmental project that benefits us all.


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Environmental Regeneration: Planting Iroko Trees in Uganda
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