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Regularly spraying fabrics with a hose can help keep them looking good and delay the need for deep or vigorous cleaning. This will keep dirt from becoming embedded in fabric fibres and prevent the need for vigorous cleanings. Remember, after hosing down the fabric allow the fabric to air dry.

It is also important to note that this water should be pure, without additives like soaps or detergent. These substances may temporarily reduce stains, but they don’t remove them. Instead, they build up on fabrics over time, making it harder to get spots out during future cleanings.

Clean the fabric once every two or three years, even if it doesn’t seem dirty. This will ensure that the material remains nice looking and retains its colour. However, if your environment sees heavy traffic, it’s best to clean the fabric more frequently. Keep in mind that the cleaning process can cause damage to the fibres if you don’t follow the proper steps.

The longer you can spend away from home, the less often your furniture gets used up, requiring little maintenance.