Sustainable luxury outdoor furniture, made in Britain

Homewood Country Hotel

high end furniture set on hotel terrace

The idyllic surrounds of a Georgian Estate Country Hotel has a renovated terrace for a dining experience complete with Coco Wolf products, showcasing the Folie Sofa, Largo Armchairs, Chuchumber Armchairs and Norma Coffee Tables. The finished scene is a perfect balance between outdoor elegance and comfort for guests.

Ian Taylor, Homewood Hotel Owner

“Since the introduction of our terrace dining concept “Olio” the guest’s experience at the hotel has been transformed with a Mediterranean vibe throughout.”  The Coco Wolf designs and the colour scheme help create a stunning relaxed atmosphere. Quality is crucial to us, so working with Coco Wolf was a no-brainer.”

We’re delighted with the feedback from our guests on the exceptional comfort levels throughout, and we are super impressed with every piece’s durability and overall quality.”


Homewood Country House Hotel /
Photographer: Adam Lynk /

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Homewood Country Hotel
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