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Quality and Innovation

Quality and Innovation

Now the leading outdoor upholstered furniture brand, it took the team more than two years to get there. A dedicated research and development programme, sourcing the finest materials around the world, while utilising the latest technological innovations, allows us to reimagine every component of traditional outdoor manufacturing and take it into the 21st century.

We get asked time and time again, ‘Can Coco Wolf furniture truly live outside all year around?’ The answer is always the same, ‘Yes it can!’

Here we share the innovation behind the Coco Wolf range that allows for each piece to sit comfortably outside in all seasons. There is no need to remove the cushioning. Retain the style, quality, and attention to detail of high-end interior furniture in your outdoor space.

HIDDEN DRAINS – plus marine grade mesh channel the majority of liquids over and off the piece of furniture

ELIMINATING WATER TRAPS –  with all removable cushions ventilated through the base

AIR CIRCULATION – Unique profile design around the base allows as much air circulation as possible

MARINE GRADE HARDWARE – Galvanised springs, stainless steel staples and nails  are used to avoid any instance of corrosion

IROKO WOOD – chosen for its strength properties and durability. Iroko expands and contracts depending on the environment. It is naturally resistant to decay and is often used in marine industry for these known properties

STRUCTURE – internal wooden frame is completely sealed for longevity

TREATED AND TESTED  –  Any exposed wood is treated with a scratch free varnish and made to withstand some of the most testing temperatures

LEG GLIDES – Legs are equipped with changeable protective glides


The unique production techniques of the Coco Wolf upholstered furniture along with the quality of materials used guarantees our clients a product that is superior in its durability than the best standards on the market.

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Quality and Innovation
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