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Spring 2017 – Trends Update

Spring 2017 – Trends Update

High fashion is quite often the catalyst for emerging trends that find their way into our home and furniture design. With spotlight on LONDON FASHION WEEK Coco Wolf team predict a year of bringing some vibrant colour into your outdoor setting for 2017.

Here is a round up of three trends that we see being big this year:

GREEN ENVY – from vivid jewel tones to more muted hues, we love how colours of nature can add a sense of harmony and freshness whether used boldly or as an accent.

COLOUR ME PASTEL – A rising trend in 2016, pastel colour will continue to gain popularity this year. Natural and textured fabrics and materials, especially those that have greater resilience and longevity are becoming more prevalent than ever.


MIX IT UP – Patterns will appear more in home and furniture décor this year adding a sense of fun to your space. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. You can start with accessories before making a bolder move and upholstering the whole piece. Coco Wolf removable covers make it easy to try different looks.

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Spring 2017 – Trends Update
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